Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am sorry I haven't been on this blog for awhile. I just found my password while I was cleaning off the piles on my desk.av What would you like to hear? The good or the bad? Let's stay positive for this one. I have been downloading music recently. I think this is a passion that has fallen by the wayside of ustream, stickam and utube (and the DVR). Not enough hours in the day sometimes. But music has a way of soothing wounds and keeping unobstrusive company I have been arting. Still bad about taking pics or recording the masterpieces in any way. So take my word for it - they are gorgeous darlin'. Just a bit of negative: how do you deal with people who think they know too much and don't mind sharing their tidbits of nonsense to anyone who will listen. Just getting rid of negativity. I seem to have run across of few of these self-centered humans lately.

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  1. aahh music..., such a soothing sound! Look forward to seeing some of that art work!